Image : Jenny Linquist


Image: Jenny Linquist




When I have the opportunity to share art with others, be it my own or not, I experience some of my greatest joy. In any given daydream or prayer, I wonder over how to create more opportunities for art-sharing. How can I take a better photos? How can I build a better installation? How can I do that again? more often? in another place? with another person? 


I dedicate my work to capturing a given moment in time and space, not only for preservation, but also to create meaning. With mindfulness, the artist pushes us to notice and feel new things. I strive to do the same for myself and anyone who might engage with my work. 


And the feather I chose for my logo: a magnificent tool for flight, strong and efficient, and most of all, it obeys the wind. I aspire to be the feather in the wind of the Holy Spirit. By my sensitivity, obedience, and economy of craft, I am carried; I am led. And I don't know where the wind comes from, or where it is going, but I know that each moment and place ahead of me will be beautiful, worth sharing with whoever is willing to come along with me.