Claire & Tim - Engaged

Claire and Tim are good friends, the kind of friends you root for and cheer on. When they got engaged I was excited that they asked me to take their engagement photos, I was ready to go all-out for it. Our ferry ride idea was a winner in so many ways, everything came together the same was it always seems to, magically. We took a quick stop at the Ale House on Bainbridge and just so happen to find a cribbage board, which has as special significance to the two, they are huge cribbage players. When I say huge, I mean part of Tim's proposal involved them playing cribbage. All that to say, the sunset was timed perfectly and there was just so much goodness. Nuf said, thats the story, take a look at these gems...

The Miller Family

The Miller's are a great family that I have gotten to know over the last few years through serving in Younglife along side them. Ive had a chance to see the kids grow and be encouraged by both Matt and Dani, it was a really pleasure to get to photograph them and record a time in their life together. 

Wesley & Lindsay - Engagement

This was a treat. I got to spend the good part of a day with these two on an adventure up to Whidbey Island. It was a typical northwest day, cloudy chill drizzle, but we made the best of it and had a lot of fun. Im pretty proud of our location scouting, it was a little bit of a trek at times. Its been a privilege getting to know these two over the last year. They are great together, so fun and joyful to be around. Wesley is a talented photographer, you can check out his stuff here and Lindsay is a wonderful woman with some real style.  Excited to see these two beautiful friends get married.  

Stubborn Son - Conor Byrne

I met Garrett Lamp through an artist group this past summer. Its been awesome to share talents and encourage each other with art. I was pumped to see him play a show with his newest project Stubborn Son . I have a lot of faith in these guys moving forward. Check them out here Make sure to catch them live because they put on a killer show. 

Wesley & Lindsay - Proposal

Welcome to the new site.

These two got engaged, I was invited and it was pretty magical... despite the rain. They couldn't stop smiling. It was great. Wesley is a good friend of mine as well as a brilliant photographer/designer. ( It’s been a pleasure getting to know Lindsay; they both have great taste and know how to have fun. Can’t wait for the wedding.